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Since a long time I have learned to treat people I meet like I expect them to treat me. Most of the times this works like a charm but not often a person do something special and add their own way to the mix to show you how they do things themselves. This event displays mostly when having appointments like even though everyone knows its a smart move to keep track of time and meet ontime this also proves that its not for everyone. For many years I had a great time show other people it is possible to meet ontime even though one has a full calendar and schedule. The other side is to expect that others actually live up to the virtue it is to be the better self and perform the same dance for your joy too which is sadly not very often.


Faith and believe is a strictly personal view of experiences learned through life. When people ask me how to think about humans I’ve told that every person is different. All are to be treated equal for a start and from there it evolves into a personal experience learned from each individual person, friend, co-worker or who you meet.

To have a certain angle on how to understand people I could say that even though the universe seems hostile and like a never ending space there are a lot of aspects to be learned from how it is populated with different occurrences. All people are like an atom interacting with other atoms or to get a universal angle you could call people planets, families like solar systems and cities are much like a huge galaxy hosting all combinations known to the geographical position.


If someone asks what “God” is try to understand the aspect of understatement which need you to think that, all you see with in range and everything beyond like a thing, house, car, product, people, animal, plant, the oceans, how people treat each other, history, handling, how they act on solving problems and issues, evolution and creation and is all combined called the simple understanding “God”. It would much be like to try and give the universe a name including all explaining everything within three letters. A simple way to put it is Everything = God.

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